S’ZINE Magazine: A Recipe for Sanity

Back in the throes of January, when the cold made my fingers shrivel and it was stew weather, I wrote this essay on the spiritually restorative benefits of cooking for friends at home. Seven months later, with Trump still perpetually offending from the White House, and after 48 hours prepping for a Fourth of July shindig, the sentiments in my story feel equally apt. From the inaugural issue of S’Zine, here’s how I calm myself in the chaos:


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3 Responses to “S’ZINE Magazine: A Recipe for Sanity”

  1. jenifer says:

    Wow. Just wow. I never cease to be blown away by TM’s brilliant writing, and her taste, her style, her talent. Quel Plaisir!

  2. Silver Cat says:

    Such beautiful imagery and writing.

  3. BCM says:

    Just reading this made me feel calmer and more sane. How delightful!

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