Cherry Bombe Magazine: How To Eat An Artichoke


In one of those impossible-to-predict confluences of events, a story I wrote six months ago corresponds completely to my current life in my new old apartment. So much of what I learned and love about food & wine began here.

This little story was sitting inside me for 30 years, waiting for an excuse to be told on paper. When Cherry Bombe co-founder, Kerry Diamond, told me the theme for Issue 8 was “Feast Your Eyes,” I knew it was time to share my artichoke secrets.

Merci, Merci, for all your thistle wisdom. There are many lessons to be had in it. I wonder who taught you to eat an artichoke…I wonder who I may teach.

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  1. Silver Cat says:

    Beautiful, my darling Miss Lovage. I remember that evening vividly!

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