The Aesthete: Sweet Tooth, Serendipity

A jaded city girl takes her godson on a mission to sample Serendipity 3’s Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

Originally published by The Aesthete.

If you’re an over-privileged child – or parent to one – in New York City, you’ve visited Serendipity 3on the Upper East Side. My own memories of it are visceral: gaudy white furniture; gadgets begging to be broken; shrieking children’s voices piercing through the pleasure of my sugar high/brain freeze. Despite its extensive menu of sweet and savory dishes, Serendipity means but one thing to me: Frrrozen Hot Chocolate.

I wonder if this iconic treat will live up to my childhood recollections and make my pulse race. It being hot out makes me think that it might. It being a Saturday, and hence brimming with shrieking children, gives me anxiety.

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Photographs courtesy of SERENDIPITY 3.


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  1. silver cat says:

    WOW! All that rich chocolate would send me clear over the moon.
    More fun to read about than actually dip into – thanks, Ms. Lovage!

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