Avenue 32: Sister Act: Melia & Mirabelle Marden

Originally published in the Avenue 32 Magazine

Fiercely intelligent and unanimously cool, siblings Mirabelle and Melia Marden have been fixtures on the downtown New York bohemian scene since before they can remember (their parents – abstract painter Brice Marden and artist Helen Harrington – raised them in the West Village). Unsurprisingly, as adults Melia and Mirabelle have contributed to the cultural fabric of the milieu from which they came.

Soon after graduating from Goldsmiths, Mirabelle opened the acclaimed Rivington Arms gallery, which fostered the early careers of artists such as Dash Snow and Hanna Liden, and though the gallery closed in early 2009, Mirabelle continues to curate exhibitions as well as work on her own photography. Younger sister Melia, graduate of Harvard and the French Culinary Institute, is the chef at the helm of über-hip restaurant The Smile and recently launched The Smile To-Go in SoHo. Interestingly, both girls have book projects on the horizon: Melia is working on her first cookbook; Mirabelle is collaborating with her father on a book based on his early journals and his musings on his philosophy and passion for painting.

Avenue 32 talked to the Marden sisters about the “outfits” and “uniforms” that have influenced them, the clothes they wish they could forget ever wearing and the ones that they can’t let go of…

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