Epic Catch: Moby Dick’s


Sunday night, I finished a blissfully lazy weekend on Long Island with dinner at Moby Dick’s, the pop up restaurant from the guys behind Kingswood and Ruby’s. When we arrived, the sky was still lit up and children’s voices competed with the soundtrack of MGMT and laid back summer songs. Nick Hatsatouris greeted guests and oversaw the sandy sprawl beside the Crabby Cowboy, the restaurant from which Moby Dick’s rents its space.

a sunset view over the marina
pale cold rosé (on tap)
a few delicious dishes composed of locally sourced ingredients

Such a simple recipe…and these guys have it figured out. Chef Gary King of Il Buco gracefully combines the local produce into a half a dozen dishes. There’s not much to choose from, but having options is overrated. Fresh oysters culled from the beds just beyond the docks; kale from Balsam Farm in Amagansett massaged into a garlicky salad; local Porgy fished off of Montauk; fluke ceviche; wonderfully al dente orecchiette laden with local lobster. Who needs more to choose from than that? This is exactly how one wants to eat in a serene environment like this, where the wallpaper is a sunset and the sconces are tiki torches.

Like most sandcastles, this place isn’t built to last, but with any luck the clever guys behind Moby Dick’s will give us another one next year…I just hope it feels as original.

Moby Dick’s
435 east lake drive
montauk, ny

Ian + Emilie: my much loved + perpetually welcoming East End hosts

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3 Responses to “Epic Catch: Moby Dick’s”

  1. samg says:

    Oh, yummy…both the food & the words, along with the brilliant sky at sunset…

  2. silver cat says:

    Oh the glories of a summer evening on the Sound!

  3. EMILIE says:

    PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!!! From the title to the sand castle analogy. You are a BRILLIANT writer. This is genius. Come back soon so we can go to Moby Dick’s again!!! Lovelove

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