Dock Kitchen’s Fried Sage & Chicken Livers

London.  Lucy.  Lunch.

I’m still dreaming of last month’s visit to London, and one meal in particular is stuck in my head: a lazy lunch with Lucy at Dock Kitchen in Ladbroke Grove. The restaurant, which sits above the Grand Union Canal, is Chef Stevie Parle’s monument to seasonal experimentation. Initially conceived of as a pop-up, Dock Kitchen is a permanent hub for West London foodies eager to enjoy chefs’ playful approach to excellence in an inspired environment. The decor is every bit as inspired and modern as the menu, thanks to the adjacent Tom Dixon store in the lower half of the building, and the view of the often rain dappled canal below the floor to ceiling windows and outdoor green.

Dock Kitchen’s menu is completely seasonal and based on what local purveyors can supply, but on my visit I was blessed with fried sage leaves, sautéed chicken livers, fennel-steamed cockles and gloriously fresh and pure ceviche. I’ve been pining for the sage leaves and chicken livers ever since. Lucky for me that my belated thank you note to Lucy arrived when she happened to be sitting with one of the cooks. Here is the inside scoop on these DK unforgettable nibbles…

Fried Sage Leaves
Whisk a batter consisting of chick pea flour (a.k.a. gram flour), seltzer water and salt, adding the seltzer bit by bit to achieve a fluid, smooth consistency. Heat the oil in a deep fat frier, small pot or pan until it shimmers (you must have enough oil to submerge the leaves entirely). In small batches, drop the leaves into the oil, and let them cook until the batter is golden and firm to the touch of your slotted spoon, then remove the leaves and let drain on a paper towel. Finish with a sprinkling of sugar, sea salt and chili flakes.

Chicken Livers
Melt some butter in a pan with baharat (Middle Eastern seven spice mixture). When the butter is hot and starting to froth, add high quality chicken livers and cook uncovered, stirring regularly. When the livers are cooked through but still pink in the middle, add a couple of spoonfuls of pomegranate molasses. Plate the livers with some yogurt and garnish with chili flakes.

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5 Responses to “Dock Kitchen’s Fried Sage & Chicken Livers”

  1. Bree says:

    My parents just arrived in London this morning and I told them The Lovage said they had to try Dock Kitchen!

  2. Hey T – Did you end up sending this to Stevie Parle, you should if you didnt as it is so well written x

  3. Sally Branson Lynch says:

    I am so hungry now! I know I’ve said this before (many times) but I must say it again– your writing is like a transporter in a syfy story! You take me to wherever you are writing about. My only wish is that you could transport the food to me!
    Thanks and don’t stop!

  4. sallytomatoes says:

    Thank you for this sage advice (oh, what an awful pun, so sorry).
    Silver Cat, I want to dine Chez Vous!

  5. silver cat says:

    Yum – sounds good! I’ve been using sage in my last couple of batches of roasted butternut squash soup and topping each serving with fried sage leaves and toasted hazel nuts.

    Wish I had some pomegranate molasses in my pantry.

    Thank you for the ideas, Ms. Lovage.

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