Reinventing the Wheel: Cheese Cake

I am reeling from an epic week in England in honor of a dear friend’s nuptials and a startling discovery.

Of paramount importance, Rebecca Guinness married Heron White—but also quite significantly for yours truly, I was introduced to “cakes” made of tiered wheels of cheese! Cakes that don’t require baking, that are colorful and captivating and resplendently un-sweet—for me it was love at first sight. Decorated with posies, sliced in increments and nibbled on all night and the following day, the cheese cakes were ever-admired and a wonderful source of sustenance for the the gaggle of lubricated guests.

As a cheese fanatic who eschews the sweet in favor of the savory, how is it I haven’t encountered these stinky piles of deliciousness before? Rudimentary research shows that the majestic yet simple notion of “cheese cakes” has not attained the appropriate amount of stateside attention. The tasty tiers of locally made cheese at this wedding were assembled by The Cheese Shed, who even have an absolutely brilliant Cheese “Cakebuilder” application on their site. American wedding caterers and cheese aficionados take note: this is the future.

For tradition’s sake, the new Mrs. White did have a modest but elegant single-tiered carrot cake small enough to fit in a freezer, perhaps so that she and her husband may enjoy it à deux on their first anniversary.

While the bride and groom have committed to each other for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, my vow is to have (not to hold) tiered towers of cheese at shindigs for the rest of my days—and to spend more of those days laughing with friends in London.

Post Script: Apologies for the mediocre at best photography. Being confronted by the first cakes that I’ve ever truly loved made my hands a little shaky (that and copious amounts of Champagne and Guinness).


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7 Responses to “Reinventing the Wheel: Cheese Cake”

  1. Francois & Sheila Brutsch says:

    Great recipes, Glad your parents mentionned your new page.
    Much love
    Sheila and Francois

  2. Francois & Sheila Brutsch says:

    Glad to have heard about your new page, as we were dining with your
    parents. Much Vermont love,
    Sheila and Francois
    Great recipes.

  3. sallytomatoes says:

    More brilliance from La Lovage. Merci Merci!

  4. I too, prefer savory to sweet and usually finish my meals with cheese. This seems like a brilliant way to outwit the dessert lobby.

  5. samg says:

    who knew? dazzling to the eye & delectable to taste…love the cheese tower surrounded by fruit on the Cheese Shed site…a perfect feast!

  6. silver cat says:

    The writer and gourmand Clifton Fadiman once described cheese as “milk’s leap toward immortality”. These cheese cakes say it all!

  7. Sally Branson Lynch says:

    What a great idea!! As a lover (to the max) of all things cheese- my mouth was watering. Great writing as always. Thank you.

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