Turkey Eggs for Breakfast

“Gobble gobble” sniffed the Easter Bunny…

I awoke this pale, damp and balmy Easter morning in Millbrook to find three speckled turkey eggs waiting for me on the counter. The Easter Bunny (my mamma) had succumbed to her curiosity and bought them at Quattro’s, our local meat and game shop, which in addition to locally raised meats, herbs, and free range eggs, also sells camo, rifles and Uzis (in case anyone has the audacity to build another McMansion in the Shekomeko valley, old school Millbrookians can get their ammo here).

My three eggs were pale beige and covered with varying brown speckles. I was somewhat daunted. I adore roasted turkey (apparently I claimed at age eight something to the effect of, “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because you get to totally pig out”), and love a natural dose of serotonin from the tryptophan in turkey meat, but I always have to leave the house when my mother makes turkey soup; something about the odor of that carcass brewing always makes my skin crawl.

After my rather un-suspenseful Easter egg hunt, I fried up my “finds” and was thrilled by what I got: large eggs with a clean buttery flavor that looked and tasted like the eggs I had last summer in Colorado, which is to say, freshly laid in our backyard that morning, firm, bright in hue, and glorious in their simplest form: poached or lightly fried sunny side up so that their superiority and freshness were manifest.

Everyone who I have told so far about my Easter breakfast has grimaced when they’ve heard what I ate, but take my word for it: turkey eggs are going to be all the rage and for you city folk, Quattro’s has a stand at the Union Square Green Market (though I doubt they bring the farm fresh Uzis.)

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  1. Nadia says:

    I love this! I am always consumed with curiosity by the various eggs on display at the Greenmarket (emu, ostrich, turkey…), but always stop short of trying them. I’m now emboldened! I’ll scope out Quattro’s on Saturday.

    (Wonderful blog btw)

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