Giving à la Lovage

My mother always says, “Give gifts that you would like to receive…”
Whether you like to give utilitarian, frivolous or edible gifts, here are a few ideas of what the Lovage might give, and certainly would love to get!

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Jay Batlle Epicurean Drawing

These original drawings from artist Jay Batlle‘s Stationary Series are made with pen, ink and food coloring on custom made restaurant stationary. An homage to Batlle’s culinary love affair and a comment on the relationship between the consumption of food and the consumerism of art, these drawings are at once lyrical and playful. If you love a foodie, get them one of these.  Available through the artist’s studio at studio@jaybatlle.com.




Vintage Cook Books

I simply adore an old Mylar-covered first edition book. Mid Century cookbooks have irresistably saturated colors and charming designs that epitomize a bygone era. Any food lover will appreciate receiving an original Julia Child or a copy of Eggs I have Known by Corinne Griffiths. Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks in the West Village is an excellent source.



Cire Trudon Candles

Giving a beautifully packaged, voluptuously scented candle is like giving someone gorgeous flowers that last much longer. Cire Trudon’s Roi Soleil scent has notes of eucalyptus, orange, cedar and incense, that evoke the Mirror Callery and wood floors of the Chateau de Versailles. Their line of candles and wax busts make any room feel sumptuous and mysterious.  Available at Barneys.


Petrossian Caviarcube®

The perfect gift for your friend who fancies themself a modern day Holly Golightly, these divine pressed Osetra cubes are the perfect garnish to a martini or atop a crême fraiche smeared blini.  Available at Petrossian.




A Bottle of Bubbles

Some might say a bottle of Champagne is not the best gift for a toddler or someone who doesn’t drink, but I would argue that the parents of the toddler would appreciate it and that the non-drinker could re-gift it! Everyone loves to be given a bottle of bubbles. Everyone. I’m partial to Krug, Perrier Jouët and, of course, Dom Perignon, but at a certain point, say after several glasses of the good stuff, there is no reason not to have something a little less, ahem, fine (i.e. expensive). Available at Morrell & Company.



Dish Washing Brush

This beautifully homespun-looking brush reminds me of a witch’s broomstick, but it’s natural bristles will gracefully scrape the gooiest of fondue pots. Made in Sweden by the visually impaired.  Available online from Ancient Industries.





It wouldn’t be Christmas at Lucky Lucky Pheasant Farm without a round of Stilton, growing stinkier and more delicious every day. One year, we were still nibbling at it on my father’s birthday in March, and by that point he had poured god knows how much Port into it, giving it even more “character.”  Available at Ideal Cheese.




Oven Mitts with Ticking

Protect the paws of loved ones while they cook for you with these distinctly British oven mitts. Available at Ancient Industries.



An Everlasting Meal

At its most precious, Tamar Adler’s writing personifies squash and beets, but at its best Adler reminds us that every scrap is a worthy ingredient, not something to be tossed or feared. This book is like an old friend: occasionally annoying but immensely lovable, and not worth giving up on. I have a feeling I will use it for years to come.  Available on Amazon.com.


Hot Water Bottle

It’s cold outside. And in here. I have a Dachshund curled up on my lap, but for those who don’t have such luck, a hot water bottle will do the trick. Warning! These are highly addictive (as are Dachshunds).  Available online at Ancient Industries (where I could do all my Christmas shopping!).


Burger Wallet

Hilarious meta burger/taco/sandwich wallets. My boyfriend’s obsession. Always gets a somewhat flummoxed but appreciative response.  Available at MoMA Design Store.



Fondue Pot

By decree of New York Magazine, Swiss Fondue is having another renaissance (it’s never gone out of style in my family). Give an irresistibly retro vintage fondue pot to a good friend, and chances are you will be invited over to indulge in fondue with them. For a particularly thoughtful gift, give a “Fondue Kit,” with fondue forks, a Sterno candle, and a bottle of dry white wine, like Riesling.  Available on eBay and Morrell & Company respectively.

Antler Carving Utensils

My boyfriend was thrilled to get a pair of woodsman macho antique antler carving utensils last year. These ones are not antique but are from naturally shed antlers.  Available here.


Rainbow Chopsticks

I have been looking for these everywhere since I saw a beautiful bouquet of them at my friend Elisa’s house. These Takashi Kamijo designed chopsticks will add color to meat night or any night!  Available at MoMA Design Store.


Ladurée Macarons

The most delectable gift to receive on any occasion, Ladurée Macarons are an edible splurge and a necessary frivolity.  Available at Ladurée.


Marvis Toothpaste

With flavors like Ginger and Jasmin, Marvis might be called the Ladurée of toothpastes. Its shimmering tinsel-like packaging looks excellent peeking out of a stocking. I recommend using it to make sure your teeth return from purple to pearly white.  Available at Bigelow Chemists.

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  1. Sally Tomatoes says:

    Dear Ms. Lovage, you have the BEST gift ideas I’ve ever heard of. Thanks so much for your always charming and wonderful thoughts!
    A Big Fan

  2. Silver Cat says:

    I’ll take one of everything, thank you very much!
    Great gift ideas for any time of year and, also, thank you for introducing me to
    Jay Batlle’s drawings.

  3. Ah, quite inspired, enormously enjoyable….

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