About The Lovage

The Lovage is Tarajia Morrell’s food / travel blog & website.


Dear Reader,

After a very circuitous career path, I’m finally doing just what I want to be doing: writing about characters through the lens of food. Wanderlust and an obsession with culinary creativity and authenticity lures me away from my native New York more and more.

I grew up in a family where the next meal was an ever-shifting but constant lodestar, where the pleasures of the table were paramount. Though initially I resisted focusing on food, my route has led me to see the New York restaurant world from many angles: watching as my family opened two wine-focused hubs; years of waitressing while I went on auditions as an actor; working as a publicist at the best firm for restaurants and chefs; consulting on projects and dining out thoughtfully and religiously.

Occasionally, a special brick & mortar project gets its hooks in me, like the Metrograph Commissary, the restaurant at a new independent cinema on the Lower East Side, on which I consulted. I started a little wine and food series in my home: Morrell Salon. I contribute food and travel stories WSJ. Magazine, T Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Saveur, Grey Magazine and more. I share that work here too.

Oh, and speaking of eating, I should eat my words about never opening my own restaurant in New York, since I recently did the unthinkable and opened a restaurant in Fort Greene: Mettā. More on that soon.

If you’ve enjoyed your visit, I am very glad.


Portrait at right by Kat Irlin. Below by Kris Guesquiere.